What is Vitamin Z?

Hi there! I’m Daniel Zahler. I created Vitamin Z to share strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, healthspan, and well-being, and how to optimize cognitive, physical and emotional health.

My journey began when my late father, a cardiologist, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a young age. Frustrated by the conventional healthcare system, I dove deep into the world of biomedical science. I studied under top scientists and medical researchers at Harvard and Yale Medical School to learn how to prevent and manage illness.  

Today I advise the world’s most influential healthcare companies. I currently serve as a Council Member at GLG where I advise global business leaders on healthcare innovation. Each month I interview doctors, surgeons and healthcare leaders on trends in health and wellness.

My philosophy combines traditional western medicine with alternative approaches to health and wellness. I’ve worked with health leaders in China, India and Japan to get insights on Eastern practices like mindfulness, yoga, ayurveda. I’ve advised global healthcare leaders on how technology can transform healthcare using mobile health and digital therapeutics, telehealth and virtual care, medical data & analytics, AI diagnostics, AI drug discovery, smart medical devices, and robotic surgery.

What You’ll Get

Most of my best writing lately has appeared on Medium. The highlights: